Rock Street journalist Amit Saigal drowns in Goa

Founder and editor of music magazine the Rock Street Journal, Amit Saigal breathed his last on Goa beach. He drowned while swimming. He was off to Goa with his friends for vacation. By the time lifeguards could reached him and save his life, he breathed his last.

Saigal was swimming with his friends near anchored sail boat off Bogmalo beach, 35 km from Panaji in Goa.

"Saigal's friends who were present there said that he was asthmatic and could have had an asthma attack when he was swimming, while the entourage had anchored the sail boat mid-sea," an official of a private beach management service said.

Saigal was immediately taken to the hospital where he was declared death.

Amit Saigal founded Rock Street journal in 1993 in Allahabad. Saigal’s contribution to the rock music is unmatchable. He has given the rock industry in India a great lift. He was associated with rock music, bands, music concerts,

Musicians mourn the death of Amit Saigal!