Ritu Kumar Bridal Shoot

Ritu Kumar Bridal ShootMarking the traditional Ritu Kumar style the Bridal collection for this year is all about rich colours accented with detailed contemporary ornamentation. This year Ritu Kumar's Couture and bridal collection uses the finest of Benaras brocade which she has revived and designed, across the weaving, districts of Utter Pradesh. Speaking about this collection which was a bit hatke from her usual style, Ritu explained, "We have to move with the times and hence, I have used muted colours like mauve, peach and olive greens in this collection. But all the same, I believe in showcasing and reviving traditional weaves like the Benarasi and also the voluminous cuts which are the mainstay of Indian couture; which is why I have not forsaken them over here."

That the clothes were breathtakingly beautiful would be an understatement. Suffice to say what Amruta Patki commented would sum up the whole mood, "The clothes make me feel like a bride all over. I am going through all the gamut of emotions wearing Ritu's clothes, as I would when I'd be getting married some day!"

These ensembles represent and underline the skills of the handloom weavers of India, who are the repository of centuries old motifs and textiles. Today, in India, largely due to the design efforts of Indian fashion designers, a lot of research has been undertaken in cuts, fabrics and identifying India's unique colour palette. Ritu Kumar's collection is relevant to the life styles of the Indian population. Unlike in the western world this indigenous creativity has ensured that the Indian society uses its own ethos and wears its own cultural identity using its craft skills for formal, religious and everyday wear. This couture wear celebrates the textiles of India which are embellished by approximately 16 million practicing craftspeople of the subcontinent.