Ritu Beri to style AR Rahman

Costume designer Ritu Beri will design AR Rahman’s outfit for the ‘Jai Ho’ concert which will kickstart in New York from June 11. Ritu Beri has created total 300 dresses for AR Rahman and his troupe. Speaking about the design, Beri said, "While designing for this tour it was important to keep intact the heritage and traditions of India and add a new modernity to the presentation. There are two different costumes to represent different parts of India. While one outfit is inspired by Bharatnatyam, there is another with elements of yoga and Kathak."

For 24 different songs, Rahman will be dressed in 24 different outfits. His outfit also includes late pop singer Michael Jackson’s style. For the song Khwaja Mere Khwaja..., Rahman will have a Sufi look. Ritu Beri will be accompanying the troupe in Paris on July 17. Director Amy Tinkham has created the live musical concerts, the man behind creating the concerts of Britney Spears, the Backstreet Boys and Mariah Carey.

"Working with a composer of Rahman's calibre has been very exciting. I have greatly enjoyed, creating and designing the costumes not just for A R Rahman but for the other singers and dancers as well," said Beri. When asked about the costumes that will be designed, Ritu Beri said, "The clothes will be a theatrical experience that blends new technology with traditional elegance. There are over 300 clothes, an amalgamation of youthful modernity and elaborate Indian dressage, keeping intact the heritage and traditions of India with a new modern, contemporary presentation".

 "The international audiences are going to see the musical excellence of A R Rahman, melodious voices of other artists, exuberant set designs by the internationally acclaimed Amy Tinkham and costume design by the, celebrated designer Ritu Beri," said Deepak Gattani who is producing the show under the banner of Rapport Productions.