Rishi, Neetu, Ranbir together in a film

Debutante director Habib Faizal has signed veteran actor Rishi Kapoor to play lead hero in his film 'Do Dooni Chal' and Rishi agreed on a condition that Neetu Singh will play the lead actress. After much persuasion, Neetu agreed to be a part of the project. Their son and actor Ranbir Kapoor has a dream. He wants to direct a film that would have his entire family. He wants mom and dad to be a part of his project.

Ranbir at the same time feels that directing his father and mom will be a mammoth job. Reasons Rishi, “I am not doing any father-son film with Ranbir. They’ve been done to death. We’ve both been approached to work together. But either he rejects the script or I do.”

This time, Ranbir wants to produce and direct his film. Says Rishi, “Since my father Raj Kapoor directed his father Prithviraj Kapoor and himself, Ranbir too wants to do the same.”

It would be a treat to watch father, mother and son acting alongside.