Rishi Kapoor hits out after backlash over Hillary Clinton meme

Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor is known for his funny and humorous posts on Twitter. But his latest joke on the micro-blogging site landed him on a sticky wicket. He was criticised and dubbed a misogynist and sexist by netizens.

Rishi Kapoor tweeted a meme which was apparently shared with him by Abhishek Bachchan. The meme had a picture of Hillary Clinton coughing against the mike and the text read, “Monika, is this right?”

The meme was a reference to the infamous incident of Monika Lewinsky with whom Hillary Clinton’s husband and former US president Bill Clinton had an affair which nearly cost him his job.

“History being checked! Tx for it ABjr. If it wasn't RIGHT,it would have LEFT a bad taste,” Rishi Kapoor posted with the picture, thanking his ‘All Is Well’ co-star for sharing it with him.

Soon after, twitteratis lashed out at the ‘Kapoor & Sons’ actor calling him chauvinist and insensitive.

On user who goes by the name NYCSA (@shardaH41) wrote, "@chintskap as an American, this is not funny at all. Male chauvinism at its best!” Another user called him a drunkard and tweeted, "@chintskap Jab guroor aur sharaab sar chad jaata hai, toh aisi harkat karna laazim hai, Rishi.” One Lesley Esteves (@LesleyEsteves) wrote, “God what a misogynistic creep this Rishi Kapoor is.”

“Replace Hillary with Jaya. Change Monica to Rekha. What will happen next? We'll all lose our heads. Newshour will have a debate about the meme. Film industry will shit themselves,” a user posted.

Following all the backlash, Rishi Kapoor didn’t seem to be bothered at all. He rather shot back at those who criticised him for his comments. He took to Twitter again and posted, “Why are people so judgmental and moralistic on this platform? Don't like it, delete me, like I do. F**k you! It's my prerogative to comment."

“I commented on Trump and so I did on Hillary. You don't like it, delete me. My forum is a fun one. Lots tweet on me being drunk. That's sad!,” he wrote in another tweet.