REVEALED: Kim and Kanye West’s baby name

Few days back when international rapper Kanye West said that he will name his baby, North West, we all thought that he is joking but who knows that he is actually serious about the name. It has been established from the birth certificate of Cedars-Sinai hospital that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s girl child is named North West.

"There were rumors floating around a few months ago that Kim and Kanye West might give the baby a directional name ... but who thought they would actually go through with it?" it said.

Kim Kardashian is blessed with a baby girl on June 5, few weeks before her due date. She had her delivery much before the scheduled date. Kim after the baby birth said that she would not want to become mother for the second time. Kim is looking forward to shed her post baby flab and hence she gets back into exercise and she has strictly instructed her friends not to bring chocolates and sweets for her as she wants to shed her weight as soon as possible.

The reality star has received over 30 bouquets from loved ones. 32-year-old star is planning to seek help from Gunnar Peterson, who helped Khloe slim down as Kim wants to get back into shape as soon as possible.