Rekha to play a courtesan in Gautam Ghosh’s Yatra

A hearty congratulations to Rekha, the epitome of sensuality and beauty for receiving the life time achievement award at the Zee Cine Awards 2006. The actress has worked for the last three decades and continues to do so. She has done many classic films which have been imprinted in the minds of all her fans.
Rekha is once again slated to play a courtesan in National award winning director Gautam Ghosh’s Yatra. The actress plays Lajwanti, a courtesan from Lucknow. Rekha’s character, Lajwanti is a character in Nana Patekar’s novel, which is a non-linear narrative.

Gautam Ghosh claims that he approached Rekha for the role as the actress is synonyms with mystery, and he wanted a character who would have mystery in her eyes as well as an element of suspense. When Ghosh approached her for the film, she wanted to see a script, so he sent her a bound script and after a week she called him up and agreed to do the film.

The film also stars Deepti Naval, Romit Raaj, Anandi and Nakul Vaid. Asha Bhonsle has rendered the song for Rekha which has been penned by Khayyam. Ghosh maintains that Rekha was very co-operative and got along well with all her co-stars. He states that she played this role impeccably. The director has completed the film and will be coming to Mumbai to dub it. Let’s hope that after 22 years, Rekha can recreate the magic of playing a courtesan.