Rekha steps onto small screen

Evergreen Rekha after mesmerizing the audience on the big screen by her jalwa has put her step forward to small screen. Like other celebrities, she also finds television an effective medium to reach to the vast audience. It's not that Rekha is devoid of Bollywood offers, she has been approached with many suitable offers but the actress chose telly over Bolly.

Speaking to a news daily, the evergreen actress said, "I know, many times in the past, I have said I won't do television but there's a demand for me to be on television. So yes, I'm finally taking the plunge."

She is reluctant to divulge what role actually she is going to play in the television. "I've already formulated what I want to do. It's nothing that has been seen on television before. No talk-show or gameshow for me, thanks. It's something entirely unique. But until I decide on the channel and other details I'd like to keep it under wraps. As you know this world is filled with clones, copycats and wannabes", she said.

After Amitabh, Shahrukh, Salman, Akshay, Sushmita and Karishma, it's now timeless beauty Rekha to come to our television sets.