Realism which is yet to rock the Bollywood screen

Bollywood’s tryst with reality isn’t a new phenomenon. Particularly in the recent past, adaptations on real life episodes have been made in umpteen numbers. With filmmakers choosing to touch up celluloid with bold strokes from reality, tinsel has been made to sizzle and dazzle with a varying array of realism- realism to have grabbed media attention. Ranging from pragmatic delineation of the alluring showbiz to the pertinent episodes of honor killing, filmmakers did dare to come up with shocking exhibition of reality. From the prospect of future tense, it will be interesting to unravel some more possibilities centering on headline grabbing real issues

1. Lokpal & Anna Hazare
Anna Hazare

The magical crusade of Anna Hazare with his all-out focus on Lokpal can be given a creative touch to go down as one of the leading satires on the corruption ridden system. Having Raghubir Yadav as the lead protagonist won’t be a major mismatch

2.  Obama &  his heroic explosion

With the veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah delineating the role of Obama, a film featuring Obama’s cat and mouse struggle with Laden can be the staple content of another real life bonanza

3.  Sharad Power & ‘Indian Slapgate’
Sharad Pawar













You may soon have Boman Irani essaying Sharad Pawar’s role- to showcase how the honorable   union minister was slapped by an Indian youth frustrated with rising corruption.

4.  Amar Singh- ‘Love in the jail’
Amar Singh








It won’t be out of place to have Anupam doing the parliamentarian’s bit, following his arrest on bribery charge. Though Anupam Kher has looks different from the clean and clear parliamentarian, he can make it up with leading strokes of mimicry

5. Ajmal Kasab & his jail schedule
Ajmal Kasab













Why not have a film portraying Kasab & his ugly nexus with terrorism. The flick featuring Cyrus Broacha in the leading role will have Kasab’s tryst with terrorism, his days of arrest, hilarious demands made within the jail confines and above all the stark realities of a prisoner’s exploration.

6. Ramdev Baba & his crusade against corruption
Ramdev Baba

With tall claims being made against the so called corruption, it will be interesting to have Markand Deshpande delineating the role of the yogic guru & his fasting spells against corruption. It would be fun watching Markand do the role of the yogic campaigner and his prophetic deals.

7.  M.S Dhoni, his winning & losing ways













It would be mesmerizing having the macho actor John Abraham providing screen translation to M.S Dhoni’s charismatic persona- his winning, practicing as well as losing deals.