Read: Rajesh Khanna’s last recorded message

Rajesh Khanna owes his success to his fans. Before he left for the heavenly abode, he left a recorded message where he thanked his fans for making him a successful star. His last recorded message was played by his grandson Aarav at his prayer meeting.

Here’s what Kaka has to say to his fans. Rajesh Khanna gets nostalgic and recounts his journey to stardom from an ordinary man.

"Mere pyaare dosto, bhaiyo aur beheno nostalgia mein rehene ki aadat nahi hai mujhe. Hamesha bhavishya ke baare mein hi sochna padtaa hain jo din guzar gaya hai, beet gaya hai ,uska kya sochna lekin jab jaane pehchane chehre anjaan se ek mehfil mein milte hai toh yaadein wapas tazaa ho jati hai. (I don`t have a habit of dwelling in the past and living with nostalgia...but looking forward for a bright future as what is gone is gone and there is no point thinking of it).

“When we meet known faces in an unknown place then we recollect old memories”, said Khanna in the message.

Further adding Khanna said, “My journey began with theater, I owe my success to the stage. This theater where it all began when I joined the film industry, I had no God Father, no relatives or family that I could turn too. I came into the movies through the United Producers Filmfare Talent contest.”

Remembering his initial days and his first audition in Bollywood, Khanna said, “They asked me we had sent you a dialogue, did you memorise it? I was sitting in front of the table where they were seated and felt I was undergoing a courtmartial. I thought they would take a gun and fire at me.”

Rajesh Khanna also spoke about the dialogue which made his life. He revealed it was - `Mujhko yaaron maaf karna... Haan main kalakaar hun, haan main kalaakar hun, kya karoge meri kahaani sunkar...`

Ending his message on a pitiful note, Khanna said, “The ladder to my success goes to my fans, don`t have words to thank you....I got love but was unable to return it back.”