Raveena gears up for a comeback

Raveena Tandon, who took a sabbatical after marriage and motherhood, is planning to face the camera again, tempted by some of the offers coming her way.

"One of them is a movie where I've the central role. So far, post-marriage the offers have been rather okay types. But this one is a woman-oriented film. See, if I do a film now it can't be the usual pony-tailed Jill-in-a-drill kind of thing. I'd be happy to do this one film, as long as they don't clash with my daughter's routine," Raveena told IANS.

The other offer, which "Mast" girl Raveena is tight-lipped about, is for a non-fiction programme on a news channel.
"Doing TV is even easier for me because I can synchronise my clock according to Rasha's schedules. In any case, she's the least problematic child. Not at all cranky like her mother," said Raveena, who has two kids.

The National Award winning actress would be the latest in a long queue of married actresses who have returned after motherhood.

The successful ones were Rakhee, who returned with "Kabhi Kabhie" and "Tapasya", Sharmila Tagore, who did her most successful films like "Aradhana", "Amar Prem" and "Mausam" after marriage, Dimple Kapadia had a fabulous innings post marriage and motherhood with "Sagar", "Rudaali" and "Lekin" and Hema Malini, who continues to be a queen way past marriage and grownup daughters.

I want to make a bright young film, says Ghosh

Bengali director Rituparno Ghosh is tired of making dark films and wants to make happy films. He is teaming up with young artiste Akash Neel for his next project titled "Khela".

"Enough dark brooding chamber pieces. My 'Raincoat' and 'Antarmahal' went into a dark territory. Even my Bengali film 'Dosar' was a black-and-white brooding drama. Now I want to loosen up, be happy, make a bright young film," Gosh told IANS.

Ritu was slated to start a marital drama with Bipasha Basu and his favourite leading man Prosenjit. "But I've abandoned that idea. I've made a film about a child, to be played by Akash Neel, called 'Khela'."

Manisha Koirala and Prosenjit play the child's parents.

"It's just a seven-day role for Manisha. I enjoyed working with her. She was supposed to be part of 'Antarmahal' in the role played by Roopa Ganguly. But that didn't work out. Manisha is an extremely talented and beautiful actress. It's a pity she doesn't take herself more seriously."

His old favourites Roopa and Raima Sen also star in "Khela".

"Raima plays a costume designer. Yes, the film is partially set in the film industry. Prosenjit plays a filmmaker. I haven't really worked with a child in a central role."

Did he have problems directing the boy?

"Not at all. I told him if he kicks me, I'll kick him back. If Akash was a brat I'm a bigger brat. It's frothy fun get-happy film. After a long time I feel I did a film that I can call a party."

Rahul Bose adopts six children

Talented actor Rahul Bose is deeply committed to his charity work. He adopted six children aged 11 with the consent of his charity institution from the Andaman and Nicobar islands.

"Earlier this year I was there to welcome Pratima, Rukhsar, Matrena, Bindu, Jinu and Animesh at Rishi Valley (Andhra Pradesh) where they were put for further education. It was an extremely emotional moment in my life," Rahul told IANS.

Rahul has raised Rs.2.4 million for the children's education and upbringing to adulthood, all on his own.

"The response has been gratifying. People have believed in what I'm doing and just given over the money for these kids. We've also got the Trust formally registered."

"Bringing those six children after a long and painful sifting process was tiring. There'll be six children selected from Andaman every two years," he said.

Rahul is already on to his next project.

"The kids from Andaman were my first initiative. My second initiative is the rehabilitation of drug-addicted children, teach them skills after they kick drugs. We want to reach out to sections of society that need reaching out. We need to fill those cracks."