Raunchy item number from film ‘Joker’ leaked

The interest around the film ‘Joker’ is already high among the fans. There are ample reasons to be. Stunning Akshay Kumar and beautiful Sonakshi Sinha stars in the movie. Farah Khan is associated with the movie; she has earlier created entertainers such as ‘Main Hoon Na’, ‘Om Shanti Om’ and ‘Tees Maar Khan’. The adventure movie is based on the theme of science fiction which is a novelty in Hindi movies.

However, it seems that there are more reasons for the film to generate interest. Recently the item song from the film leaked on the internet. The song was uploaded on Youtube and had Chitrngada Singh grooving to the controversial lyrics of ‘I want fakht you’. The lyrics have already stumped the eager fans. The pun word ‘fakht’ in the song obviously indicated towards the F-word. The word ‘fakht’ means ‘just’ in Marathi though.  

The video soon went viral and the controversy broke loose into a storm. The media went in a frenzy reporting the incident. The world became aware about the leak  with the music director Vishal Dadlani posting a tweet to Farah Khan that stated “Here's the [email protected] Khan! It's the whole song! Really shocking! THE LEAKED SONG - Kafirana (I want fakht u) (sic).”

Farah Khan replied back on Twitter with the words “Thanx Vishal! But v had changed the 'I want fakht u' to 'I want Just you' sometimes ago. This is the old version (sic).”

The director of ‘Joker’ Sirish Kunder finally stepped in to do the damage control.  He stated that “This is an older version of the song that we had recorded with Sunidhi Chauhan. After recording the song, we realised the particular word might create unnecessary controversy, which we didn't want,' Shirish said. 'Joker is a family film and we immediately discarded the word. Now, the original version has been leaked somehow. We are not sure of the source but we are looking at taking necessary action. Anyway, the word will not appear in the song as used in the film. Actually, the original version is not even part of the film.” The final song lyric in the film to be released reads now as “I want Just You”.

We cannot help but wonder the timing of the leak. It is a good coincidence for the film promotion and too lucky to happen. As the saying goes, “Any publicity is good publicity”.