Ranveer Singh is all praises for Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Ranveer Singh, who is working with director Sanjay Leela Bhansali for the first time, says that the film maker has made him a better actor. Ranveer feels privileged to be a part of this movie. He is honored by the fact that the director has chosen a new comer like him for his movie.

In a press conference, Ranveer said, “It is a privilege for a newcomer to be working with somebody whose reputation precedes him. He is a master craftsman, an actor's dream. The way he has directed me, he has made me ten times the actor I ever was.”

Ranveer loves his way of directing. He said, “He has not done it by preaching me but by just allowing it to come. He is so collaborative that he makes you feel like the most special actor in the world.”

‘Ram-Leela’ is a love saga based on the epic love story of Romeo and Juliet, written by Shakespeare. The chemistry between Ranveer and Deepika is talked about a lot. To this Ranveer said, “I'm happy that the biggest talking point of the movie is the chemistry between me and Deepika. It is important that in a love story the chemistry between the actors gets appreciated.

He further added, “When someone is making a romantic film, you need to believe that the two people are in love with each other, only then can the audience sympathize with them. So if the chemistry is there, the viewers would also feel the conflict when the lovers are torn and would want them to be together.”

Ranveer also loves experimenting with different looks. In this movie, he is dressed up like a Gujarati lad. His looks are commanding.  Ranveer has also worked a lot on his appearance for this movie. His muscular body and chiseled looks are testimony of that. Ranveer said, “I like to change and put something new every time. Mr Bhansali was very clear that he wanted me to have a distinctive look. I'm attached to it but as an actor one can't have a consistent look.”

‘Ram-Leela’ also stars Supriya Pathak and Rich Chadda in pivotal roles. Priyanka Chopra appears in an item song called ‘Ram Chahe Leela’ in this movie. The song received more than 2 million hits in less than a week after its release on You Tube.