Ranveer is an important person in my life, Deepika

Deepika Padukone is being called the reigning queen of Bollywood these days. All of her recent films have been huge hits including the record making hit with Shahrukh Khan, ‘Chennai Express’. Her personal life has been a hot topic of gossip as well thanks to her rumored affair with the talented Ranveer Singh. While the couple has not made anything official yet, they have been spotted together on several occasions and looked comfortable with each other. Now in a recent interview Deepika has spoken about the importance of Ranveer in her life and their compatibility.

When asked about Ranveer, she said, “He’s definitely an important person in my life. He’s probably the most compatible person I’ve met. People find it strange because our energies are different. I’m a calm and centered person. He’s an energetic soul. Actually, people only see that side of his personality. He’s extremely sensitive and emotional. It’s rare to see that in a guy.” 

The 28 years old beauty is awaiting the release of her film ‘Finding Fanny’ which is an offbeat project made on a modest budget but features a stellar cast comprising Deepika, Arjun Kapoor, Nasiruddin Shah, Dimple Kapadia and Pankaj Kapoor.  When asked why she choose such a film after doing blockbusters, she said, “It was an instinctive decision. We were working on Cocktail when Homi (Adajania) discussed this film saying it’s not happening. The film’s story stayed with me. The next day I asked him why he was not making it. He told me no one would be ready to do it. I told him I’d do it. He thought I was joking until I seriously started following it up with him. He spoke to Dinesh Vijan (producer) about it. That’s how the film happened.”

Ranveer Singh will also be making a special appearance in the film.  It has also been revealed that he took no remuneration for the appearance. Apparently the prospect of spending some time with Deepika was incentive enough for him. He was needed for only half day of shoot but ended up staying a week in Goa.  The director Homi Adjania said, "I was telling Ranveer the story of Finding Fanny and he suddenly said that he wanted to play Gabo. He was laughing but at the same time, was dead serious. I told him that I'd need him in Goa for half a day's shoot. However, we had so much fun there, that he ended up staying for over a week!"