Rani Mukherjee topples over co-star Salman while trying to ride a bicycle

Rani Mukherjee’s next film Baabul’ with co-star Salman Khan is all set for release. The film has been directed by Ravi Chopra and also stars Amitabh Bachchan, Hema Malini and John Abraham. Recently an incident while shooting for the film has left Rani really embarrassed. The sequence required Rani to ride a bicycle along with actor Salman Khan on the scene. However Rani does not know how to ride a bicycle, but the actress who was embarrassed about the situation refused to let the others on the film sets know about her inability. What followed was a ruckus, Rani ended up ramming the cycle into actor Salman Khan and both toppled over.
Director Ravi Chopra was aware that Rani does not know how to ride a cycle, so he suggested that she rehearse a bit before getting onto the bike; however the adamant Rani refused to acknowledge the fact that she does not know how to ride a bicycle in front of the rest of the cast and crew. So the actress decided to just give the shot and didn’t bother to ask for help. However Rani kept fidgeting when she got on to the bike and hence co-star Salman offered to help, however Rani refused any help and pretended that she was an expert bike rider. Rani began to ride the bicycle and even managed to do so for a bit, however director Chopra says “Rani started off well however after a while everyone in the unit was waiting for Rani to stop. Salman was standing at a distance. But the next thing we knew that Rani had rammed the bike into Salman and both toppled over.”

However the director was relieved to see that both his stars had not been seriously hurt by the fall and only had minor bruises. Rani on her part was extremely embarrassed by the entire scene but then later sportingly joined in the laughter at her expense. Rani even apologized to Salman and the actor in his typical witty manner replied “Now you know why I wanted to help you…….I was bothered about my life.”

Rani will also soon be seen in Yash Raj film ‘Tara Rum Pum’ with Saif Ali Khan and she is also shooting for another Yash Raj film in Varanasi where recently there was a huge controversy involving Rani . The film also stars Konkana Sen Sharma, Jaya Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan.