Rani Mukherjee’s tantrums in Varanasi

Rani Mukherjee is known to be one of the most level headed and sweet actresses. But recently Rani had a fracas with the media in Varanasi when one of her bodyguards beat up a fan, there was a huge hue and cry made over the issue by a political outfit. Rani was forced to make a public apology in order to keep things for the film smooth. Rani is currently in Varanasi shooting for a Yash Raj film which is being directed by Pradeep Sarkar. It has been alleged that Rani has been throwing a lot of tantrums on the sets of the Yash Raj film; she has become extremely moody and often takes out her temper on the junior crew members.
The film also stars Konkana Sen, Jaya Bachchan and Anupam Kher who are also in Varanasi shooting for the film. Whenever Rani is in a bad mood she ill-treats the crew members and is often heard yelling at them. A source claims “She’s been acting like a maharani. Everyone on the sets is shocked to see this kind of behaviour from Rani. An otherwise jolly girl, she is making life difficult by yelling at people and throwing temper tantrums.” The beginning of the shoot itself started out with lots of problems, first the issue with the media and then later a crew member had supposedly drowned, this has left a bad feeling and if anything small goes wrong on the sets, Rani begins to rave and rant.

According to sources, Rani also unleashes a slew of abuses at the crew in front of the rest of the cast if things are not according to how she wants them. Recently when a theater actor who was shooting a scene with her and Anupam Kher could not get his lines right, Rani claimed “he is nervous as he is shooting with Rani Mukherjee.” Everyone on the sets was quite taken aback with Rani’s bitchy remark. Rani is even maintaining a distance from her other co-stars on the sets and is instead spending time with her family whom she invited to Varanasi. However Rani’s mom, Krishna says “Rani hasn’t changed one bit, her attitude towards her colleagues hasn’t changed one bit either. I don’t know why people are passing judgment on her.”