Rani Mukherjee’s puffing away

Recently many of our bollywood celebs have been tying to give up the bad habit of smoking. Saif Ali quit after he fell gravely ill and was hospitalized. Aamir Khan too has now quit smoking and SRK has been trying to quit smoking for some time now. Well it may come as a huge surprise but many of our bollywood actresses seem to be puffing away too. Actress Rani Mukherjee too is an occasional smoker and can’t seem to do without her morning cigarette which apparently helps with her bowel movement. But it seems Rani’s mom is not too happy about it and has been nagging her girl to give up the bad habit.
Rani has tried to give up smoking but ultimately she has always gone back to her habit as she develops various problems when she quits. But now due to the constant confrontations with her mom, Rani has resorted to smoking in the loo and hiding her cigarettes when mommy dearest is around. Rani also regularly carries mint and deodorant around so that if her mom pops in she can always use it to lessen the smoke smell. Well Rani Mommy always knows best and this time too she is obviously right, because smoking is definitely injurious to health.

Shahrukh’s bare-chested item number for Om Shanti Om

Shahrukh Khan is finally going the Salman Khan way and is finally ready to go bare-chested before the camera. SRK will soon be removing his shirt and will do a bare body item song called ‘Darde Disco’ for Farah Khan’s Om Shanti Om. The actor is still to shoot the song and will supposedly do so in August. Meanwhile SRK has been working out regularly and building a lean and fit body. SRK is keen to look good in his first bare body act and hence he has been working hard on getting a lean and fit looking body. Meanwhile many of his friends like Hrithik Roshan too is impressed with his fit body.

SRK’s son Aryan who loves to imitate Salman uncle removing his shirt will now be extremely happy to see his own daddy flex his muscles too without a shirt on. SRK also makes it a point to keep his energy levels very high. According to sources prior to a shot SRK often stands in front of a mirror and looks at himself for ten minutes in order to re-energise himself. During these ten minutes he refuses to be interrupted by even his personal staff and just takes in the silence and positive energy around him. So this seems to be the secret of SRK’s boundless energy.

Amitabh’s promoting ‘global warming’ while SRK’s promoting ‘wildlife conservation’

Bollywood stars are often known to do their bit for society and now it seems two of bollywood’s top stars are promoting awareness campaigns on social issues. Amitabh is promoting global awareness while Shahrukh is promoting ‘wildlife conservation’. Amitabh and Abhishek first began promoting their global warming awareness campaign at the IIFA 2007 awards and now Amitabh was recently seen with Hollywood actress Sienna Miller promoting Global cool. Amitabh and Sienna shot pictures under a white umbrella as part of a campaign run by Global cool organizers.

Shahrukh too intends to promote wildlife conservation to educate and make people aware of the need to protect several endangered species. SRK will be involved in various campaigns like commercials etc where he will depict that we can protect the endangered wildlife species by reducing consumer demand for products made from the se endangered species. SRK’s campaign is being supported by various government bodies. So this time too bollywood and its stars are ready to stand up for what they believe in.

Saif Ali Khan does not want to play a ‘gay’ role

Saif Ali Khan has built a strong and different image over the years and he can easily shoulder the responsibility of a film on his sole shoulders. Nonetheless it seems Saif still has certain insecurities like he won’t play a role which has ‘gay’ overtones as he is afraid that it will be detrimental to his hero image. Saif Ai Khan reportedly opted out of Tarun Mansukhani’s film as the role which he was to play supposedly had gay overtones.

Tarun Mansukhani will be directing a romantic comedy which is based on a Hollywood sitcom where the character has to pretend to be gay as he wants his landlord to allow him to live with some girls. In spite of being produced under a big banner like Dharma Productions which belongs to Karan Johar, Saif decided to forego the role as he did not want to play a gay guy. Well it seems Saif’s loss is John’s gain as the role has now gone to John Abraham who has no qualms playing the gay role. However the official reason for Saif opting out of the film is that he does not have the dates and director Tarun refutes rumours that the role has gay overtones and says “My film is about two boys and a girl and Saif is doing the film because he has no dates.”

Salman Khan’s evil side and reluctance to kiss on-screen

Salman Khan is considered to always flirt with the law and the ladies too. Salman has often been in trouble with the law and himself admits that often his evil streak wins over his good side despite him trying very hard to do what is right. Salman himself says “It is my conscious effort to control that and not to go to the evil side. I have got a tremendous evil side that I don't like. I know this is good, this is bad, and what the right way is. And that is my constant battle, my constant fight with myself."

Salman has another image too that of Casanova, however this tag seems to have been given to him by the media. A t heart Salman seems to be simple sweet guy. Salman even has some rules when it comes to romancing his heroines on-screen, he wont kiss them on-screen as he feels that it is against the Indian culture to depict an on-screen kiss. Most of our actors have succumbed to the kiss culture in bollywood however there are still a few like Salman and SRK who refuse to kiss onscreen. Even when Salman was doing his Hollywood film Marigold, he made it clear to director Willard Carroll that he would not do an on-screen kiss. The director too confirmed that Salman did not want any kissing scenes; he said “out there in the West it’s different but the culture in India is different and I respect it. Salman told me ‘what face will I show my father’, now who can argue with that?” Well we don’t know about his fans but girlfriend Katrina must definitely be thrilled with this news. Wonder if she follows the same policy though since she has after all been brought up as a London girl.