Rani Mukherjee denies wedding plans to Aditya Chopra on February 10

Rani Mukherjee has done many films with the Yash Chopra banner; she has worked closely with Aditya Chopra, the elder son of Yash Chopra. Hence there have been rumours that she has been seeing Aditya Chopra for a while now. In fact Rani is considered the reason for breaking Aditya Chopra’s marriage to Payal. However now there are rumours that Aditya and Rani are all set to tie the knot on February 10, 2009, as Adi has managed to get a divorce from his wife. But Rani Mukherjee shoots down all these rumours.
Rani is tired of all the rumours about her soon to be held marriage at the prestigious Umaid Bhavan which has been booked for February 10, 2009. Rani had earlier preferred to maintain her silence on the issue as she felt it did not merit any clarifications, however now as the gossip seems to be escalating; she shoots down all rumours of her wedding. In her typical sense of humour, Rani says “How many times is the media going to fix my wedding date, venue, honeymoon etc for me. The media might as well get the wedding cards printed and send me one. I’ll just show up for the event.” About getting married at the prestigious Umaid Bhavan, Rani says “I wish I was rich enough to book Umaid Bhavan for my wedding. On February 10, I’m working with Kunal Kohli and Saif Ali Khan. Set another date for my wedding, please.” Rani feels that no matter how many times she clarifies that she is not getting married, the media will still continue to get her married. Hence Rani has decided not get upset but instead uses humour to deal with the situation.

In her personal life Rani claims there is nothing happening, however Rani is very happy with the way her professional life has shaped up. She will soon be seen doing a special appearance in one of her favourite filmmaker’s films Saawariya. On her favourite filmmaker Rani says “I’m a prominent part of Sanjay’s life. We’re always there for one another. We’re very comfortable in each others company. We spent a lot of time during Black, that’s when we really bonded.” About her small role in Saawariya, Rani says “I’ve implicit faith in Sanjay’s vision. In Saawariya I do something I’ve never done before. Compared to Black, my role in Saawariya is far less challenging. But I play this prostitute that brings out the actress in me.” However Rani admits that she would not do the same role for any other director, she says “One day Sanjay said he was really missing me in the film and offered me this role because he couldn’t bear to do Saawariya without me. I immediately agreed as it didn’t matter what role he offered me.”

In Saawariya, Sonam and Ranbir will be making their debut and Rani is quite fond of the two, she says “If there are things she can’t tell her parents, Sonam pours her heart out to me. I’m always there to guide her. She’s a very good child. As for Ranbir, he’s a shy well-brought up kid.” Salman Khan too will be seen in Saawariya doing a special appearance, but Rani says “Salman and I in Saawariya are like family supporting a collective endeavour. We don’t care about the length of our roles.” Rani will also be seen in Kunal Kohli’s next film where she plays the role of a fairy.