Rani Mukherjee cuts her nose while shooting with Konkana

Rani Mukherjee and Konkana Sen Sharma are currently shooting for Yash Raj Film's tentatively titled 'Laga Chunari Mein Daag'.Rani has already had plenty of controversies with this particualr Yash Raj film while shooting in Varanasi and now it seems she faced another problem recently on the sets of the film while doing a dance sequence.Rani and her co-star Konkana were both doing a dance sequence when accidentally Rani got a cut on her nose which began to bleed.
Rani and Konkana are currently shooting in Mumbai for their Yash Raj film and were performing a dance sequence.Konkana also had a toy as a prop in her hand while dancing, but unfortunately unknowingly the toy fell from her hand while she was twirling around.The toy hit Rani in the face and she was left with a bloody cut on her nose. Konkana was visibly upset with her own clumsiness and said "I was really tense because Rani got a cut on her nose." Konkana is extremely remorseful about the situation and says "I know that I am a clumsy dancer, I am still not comfortable with dance steps.It's my fault that the toy slipped out of my hand." Rani had retreated to her make-up room but after a while she emerged for her close up shots without making a huge fuss and just covered her bruise with make up.

However Konkana was a bit uptight around Rani,though she had apologised she felt Rani would be very angry with her. Later Konkana also sent a huge bouquet of flowers along with an apology note once agin to Rani, however Rani was quite cool about the entire accident.Rani spoke with Konkana and assured her that everything was fine and both actresses were relieved.Konkana was definitely lucky that Rani didnt throw a tantrum about the entire incident, despite being such a huge star.Lesser known actresses are known to throw huge tantrums on the sets all the time, but well this definitely says a lot about the sprightly Rani.