Rani Mukherjee and Saif Ali Khan to star in Yash Raj film

Rani and Saif are the new on-screen happening Bollywood couple. Everyone wants this lethal combination duo to be a part of their project. After having been recently paired together for endorsing Chevrolet’s new mid-size sedan Aveo, they will now once again star together in a classic romantic Yash Raj film.
Siddharth Raj Anand, who directed Salaam Namaste, will direct this, as yet untitled venture with Rani and Saif in lead roles. Siddharth had also helped to write the script of Hum Tum, along with Kunal Kohli, since then he has harbored a secret wish to direct these two extremely talented actors together in a film. Siddharth will be making a romantic film, but it will not be the typical boy meets girl act. Siddharth says, “I’m not moving away from the genre of romance, but this film will have intense and mature emotions.” However, he mentions that the film will have all the essential ingredients for a typical commercial bollywood masala film.

The director considers Saif to be his lucky mascot and hence will ensure that he is a part of all his films henceforth. Siddharth is currently location-hunting for his film; he wants to do the film in an urban and cosmopolitan city, a la New York. But he does not want to use Australia, which was the location for his film Salaam Namaste. Siddharth wants to give this film a completely new and different feel. Hence, he will also be creating a completely new romantic script for this film; he wants the script of the film to be the surprise package.

Earlier on Siddharth was to make a sci-fi thriller film, which seems to be the current rage in bollywood. But he has dropped the idea and has decided to stick to the romantic genre, as he feels it is the best genre. Hum Tum was an exceptionally sweet story of a boy, Saif and a girl, Rani who had completely opposite personalities, and in spite of this, they are finally drawn to each other. Salaam Namaste was the story of a couple, Saif and Preity, who experimented with living in together and the problems and consequences they, had to face.

Both Hum Tum and Salaam Namaste were immensely appreciated and successful. With two such highly acclaimed movies, let’s hope that Siddharth’s next untitled venture can manage to live up to such high expectations. Watch this space for more news from Bollywood Mantra, on this project.