Rani Mukerji will be happy to become pregnant

Rani Mukerji has tackled rumors about her marriage for several years. It finally took place earlier this year. Now after marriage, she has been bugged by pregnancy rumors. When she appeared in the popular dance reality show, it was reported from the sets that she needed help while climbing the steps to the stage and she also asked for extra cushions while sitting. She also reached the sets a little late and some sources claimed that she went to visit the doctor concerning her pregnancy.

In her recent public appearances, Rani is seen wearing anarkali suits and other loser garments that help her hide her belly. After months of speculation Rani has finally spoken on the issue and has said that if this rumor becomes true then it will make her happy. In an interview with PTI, Rani has said, "Rumours about my marriage started even before I actually got married....stated seeing my husband. If rumours of pregnancy comes true then great...very soon I will become pregnant also. Because these rumours will somewhere reach the universe and the universe will make it happen…For every woman it is important to feel like a woman and go through the cycle of being a mother and I am no different." 

The actor is currently busy promoting her upcoming film ‘Mardaani’ which comes out on 22nd August. Directed by Pradeep Sarkar, this action thriller has been produced by her husband Aditya Chopra. Rani Mukerji is playing a police officer in the film and will be seen doing lots of action and stunts.

When asked whether she is annoyed for getting judged all the time, Rani said, “No it doesn't matter if I am judged. I am in an industry where I would be judged. If people stop judging me then it would be like I am over accomplished. So let them judge. In this industry any news is good news whether it is good or bad...its news.” 

Rani is also willing to work even after she gets pregnant. She said, "It depends on which director is keen to work with me in a pregnant state as well. In the west actresses work during pregnancy, I think it has happened in India also. It depends on what kind of pregnancy one is into. As every woman goes through her bodily changes during pregnancy…I need to get pregnant and then get a script which the director and I should feel like doing.”