Rani miffed with Abhishek for postponing shooting of Yash Raj film

Rani Mukherjee has given some of her best hits with Abhishek Bachchan and even one of her best roles in the film ‘Black’ alongside Amitabh. Rani and Abhishek’s on-screen chemistry was appreciated and liked by audiences, however their on-screen chemistry also led to rumours of an off-screen romance. The Bachchans earlier also claimed that Rani was extremely close to their family, however in spite of this Rani was not invited for the recent Ash-Abhi wedding. And now it seems Abhishek has even gone ahead and postponed the shooting of his film ‘Lagaa Chunari Mein Daag’ which has left Rani silently fuming.
Rani will be seen opposite Abhi once more in the Yash Raj film, Jaya Bachchan will also be seen in the film. However according to sources Abhishek has postponed his shooting of the film as he will be off on his honeymoon with his new bride Aishwarya Rai. This move of postponing the film’s shooting will throw Rani’s other film schedules off gear and hence she is a tad irritated with Abhi. Abhishek will now resume shooting for the Yash Raj film with Rani in June. However sources claim that the real reason for Rani not being invited to the wedding was Ash’s personal dislike for her. Ash and Rani shared a close friendship at one time, unfortunately when Rani stepped into some of Ash’s prominent films the friendship ended. Also Ash was not too happy with the close friendship of hubby Abhi and Rani.

Although Rani has sent her good wishes for the couple on their wedding, the actress is not too happy about being completely ignored. Well Rani can take heart in the fact that she is not the only one who has been sidelined by the Bachchans, in fact supposed childhood friend Hrithik Roshan too was not invited along with all the Khans, SRK, Salman, Aamir, Saif etc. Rani and Abhishek though are professionals and will probably not let their off-screen tension affect their on-screen chemistry.