Rani enjoys link-up reports with Aditya

If you are assuming that Rani Mukherjee is angry and unhappy over her link-up reports with Aditya Chopra which is doing the rounds then you are totally mistaken. Unlike others, Rani is enjoying every bit of the stories published in the tabloids or aired on TV.

Speaking about those rumors, Rani quips, “The good part is that it is constant. I’m glad I’m being linked with just one person not many. I enjoy that ‘constant’.”

Rani also said that she wants to keep her personal life totally private and she is not comfortable speaking about it in public.

On a serious note, Rani expressed her views about relationships. “When two people are in a relationship, you have to take the other person’s feelings into consideration. I may want to speak about a relationship, but I won’t if the person I’m in a relationship with is not comfortable with me talking about him,” she said.  

Well, Rani we understand and admire your thoughts.