Rani and Aditya Chopra’s secret rendezvous

Though Rani Mukherjee has denied her relationship with producer Aditya Chopra, the rumours only seem to be growing stronger by the day. In fact sources claim that though Adi and Rani are being cautious not to be seen publicly their clandestine affair is still on and going strong. Recently Adi has been making frequent trips to New York on the pretext of taking care of his home production Tara Rum Pum starring Saif and Rani. Sources claim “A couple of weeks ago Adi dropped in to meet Rani and they spent three days together at the Radisson Hotel in New York. When the entire unit was shifting from New York to Connecticut, Rani delayed her move as she wanted to spend time with Adi. It was very secretive and even the hotel management was specifically warned not to speak about them.” Adi is currently separated from his wife Payal Chopra and she has even moved out of the family home. However one of the main reasons for Rani and Adi maintaining a low profile relationship is father Yash and wife Pamela’s disapproval of his impending divorce as well as this new found relationship between Rani and himself.
Salman against Katrina working with John Abraham

Everybody is well aware of the differences that cropped up between John and Salman during the ‘Rockstars’ tour. In fact after their feud on the tour, Salman had even refused to work with John in Ravi Chopra’s Babul and was even hassling with the dates for Salaam-E-Ishq which stars both John as well as Salman. Now it seems that bad boy Salman does not want even girlfriend Katrina to work opposite John in any film. He has even told Katrina that he would not like the idea of her working with John in any film. Hence poor Kat caught between her love for her beau and her budding career had to turn down two films opposite John. Katrina had to let go of UTV produced film ‘Rockstar’ and T.Series produced film ‘Chandramukhi’. Sources also claim that Salman even went so far as to personally ask producers not to cast Katrina in films opposite John. However Producer Ram Mirchandani of UTV denies that Salman has made any such request and claims that after the script has been completed Priyanka or Katrina may be considered for the film. Even Bhooshan Kumar of T. Series says “Salman never told me not to sign John or Katrina. John was never really approached for the role and though Katrina wanted to work with Priyadarshan, he explained to her that the role was quite a small one.” But recently there have also been rumours that Salman and John have patched up and have even agreed to do another ‘Rockstars’ tour together. Or maybe the bad boy of bollywood just has no intention of burying the hatchet. At this rate Kats may not be working with half the actors in bollywood.

Sanjay Dutt's spiritual side

Though Sanjay Dutt may be known as the party animal, he also has a religious side to him or may be its just his impending fate as an accused in the 1993 bomb blasts that is making him seek divine intervention. Due to the onset of the Navaratras which lasts a good week and the onset of the Shraadh period Sanjay Dutt as well as producer and good friend Sanjay Gupta have decided to go off alcohol and non-vegetarian food for a while like many others in the city. However they went a step further and both decided to hold jagrans and pujas at their respective homes. There will be a puja first at Gupta’s pace and later at Dutt’s place. However the puja will also be followed by a lavish dinner fare. According to sources this is a tradition that both the Sanjays have been following since a few years now. Recently Sanju Baba was also seen at a Durga Ma puja. Praying earnestly seems to be highest on Sanju’s list of priorities at the moment.

Kareena’s loss is Ayesha’s gain

Nagesh Kukunoor’s film ‘Dor’ has received good reviews and Ayesha Takia’s deglam role has been tremendously appreciated. However according to sources this role had first been offered to none other than Kareena Kapoor, unfortunately though the actress turned down the role which then went to Ayesha Takia. Now we hear even noted director Karan Johar has taken note of Ayesha’s splendid performance in Dor. Well this may be the key to welcoming Ayesha into the select fold of the ‘Dharma Productions’. Incidentally Kareena had once upon a time been offered the role done by Preity Zinta in Kal Ho Na Ho, but apparently she had turned it down and there was a rift between her and director Karan. Now the two have patched up and Kareena is desperate to work with the talented director. Well Kareena it sure seems like you missed another opportunity in impressing the A list director Karan by turning down the role in Dor. Well what can we say except that Kareena’s loss is Ayesha’s gain!

Jaanemann Press Conference without Salman, Akshay and director Shirish

Recently there were press conferences held by producer Sajid Nadiadwala for his forthcoming film Jaanemann in New York and London. The film stars Salman, Akshay and Preity and has been directed by debutant Shirish Kunder. However the events saw only actress Preity Zinta grace the occasion and the rest of the cast and crew were all missing. Recently director Shirish who will be making his directorial debut with the release of Jaanemann had publicly claimed that he was not happy with the way producer Sajid had worked and that in future he would not like to work with such a production house. According to sources this caused a rift between the producer and director. In fact the producer was so upset that choreographer Farah Khan and wife of Shirish who is also the raakhi sister of Sajid had to intervene and pacify Sajid. Farah was also one of the main reasons that Sajid had decided to give Shirish a break. That may have been the reason why director Shirish was not seen at any of the events. As for the stars Sajid claimed that they were busy shooting for their other films.