Randeep Hooda, Neetu Chandra back as a couple

Though nothing had been officially declared or confirmed, Randeep Hooda and Neetu Chandra had been dating each other from the middle of 2010. Randeep had even taken her home to meet his parents. However, there was trouble in paradise. In January of this year, Neetu clearly expressed her fear that Randeep is probably not ready for marriage and as such, she is not hopeful of a future with him.

Is it this commitment phobia that caused the couple to drift apart? Again, nothing was said officially but Randeep and Neetu were no longer a couple. Both had become immersed in work. A source said, "But they have both taken the break-up in their stride and are now concentrating only on work." Randeep is working on a number of films while Neetu is busy with a Tamil remake of Delhi Belly. A friend of Randeep reported, "He has become very busy and has been travelling a lot." During this time, Randeep’s name has also been linked to a number of other TV personalities, though the actor never confirmed or denied his affaires.

The startling news that has now emerged is that though accused of being allergic to commitment, it is Randeep who is now making fresh efforts to get Neetu back in his life. The actor was recently in Delhi to shoot for Kick and to take part in a polo event. During his stay in Delhi, he contacted Neetu several times, trying to get her back.

According to a source, “Ever since they parted ways, there has been a lot of speculation about whether they will hook up again with each other. It has emerged that of late, Randeep has been in touch with Neetu and wants to have her back in his life. Although they have had some issues in the past, they continued to be in touch.” The source added, “They were also busy with their respective commitments, leaving them with no time to work on their relationship. Now Randeep has again started talking to Neetu, and it seems that he wants to meet her as well.” Considering the fact that neither Randeep nor Neetu confessed to a relationship with anyone else during their hiatus, it seems likely that the couple will get back together. Both the actors remained unavailable for comment.

Here’s seeing how the hot couple performs during this second round.