Ranbir’s mom chooses Katrina for her son

Ranbir Kapoor’s mother Neetu Singh was never positive about Deepika Padukone. She always sounded cold while commenting about Deepika Padukone. It was even rumored that Ranbir cut ties with Deepika on the advice of his mom as she was never in favor of Deepika. But when it comes to Katrina Kaif, Neetu seems to be very enthusiastic in speaking about her son’s new found love.

When asked about Kat, she quips, “Katrina is a very nice girl. I am very fond of her.”

Confirming the closeness between Neetu and Katrina, a source said, “Neetu and Katrina share a very warm relationship. Katrina respects Neetu a lot. On the other hand, Neetu feels that Katrina is a very well-mannered girl.”

Ranbir is a mama’s boy and he is accepted to act according to his mother.

It seems like Deepika is out from Ranbir’s life and Katrina from Salman’s life.