Ranbir lost out on the chance to play Raj Kapoor

Youth icon Ranbir Kapoor has lost out on the chance to play his grandfather Raj Kapoor in a forthcoming Yash Raj Films venture. Though, Ranbir has the golden opportunity to play Kishore Kumar. Based on Raj Kapoor and Nargis’ on and off screen romance, Aditya Chopra’s project is on hold now. Aditya had discussed the idea with Ranbir, who consulted his father Rishi Kapoor, who denied idea.

Rishi also spoke to his brothers Randhir and Rajiv who didn’t like the idea either and didn’t support that. The three brothers told Ranbir that he shouldn’t do the film. They even called up Yash Raj and protested against it by stating that they would appreciate it if they stopped entertaining the idea of making a film on their father’s days with Nargis.

Sources claimed that it’s not just the Kapoor brothers who’d be upset with the film. Even Sanjay, Priya and Namrata Dutt (Nargis’ children) wouldn’t appreciate the film being made. Despite the demand, Raj Kapoor and Nargis’ films were never even re-released in color by RK Films so going ahead.