Ranbir knocks Deepika’s door at midnight

It seems that Ranbir Kapoor is now repenting on his decision to cut ties with Deepika Padukone. According to a source, two months ago Ranbir Kapoor has done a midnight drama outside Deepika’s apartment. He dropped near Dippy’s building and told the guard that he wanted to meet Deepika.

The guard did not allow him to meet Deepika for some obvious reasons. Unable to convince the watchman, Ranbir called up Deepika and said that he wanted to meet her to give her some explanation. At first, she did not agree but repeated plea of the actor melted Dippy’s heart and she agreed to meet him only after keeping him waiting for half an hour.

An eyewitness informed, "Ranbir was overheard telling Deepika, 'Please allow me to come up. I am sorry. I want to explain.'"

He went upstairs, had some conversation with his ex-flame and then left her house around 1:45 pm.

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