Ranbir Kapoor shaves off

Bollywood prince charming Ranbir Kapoor shaved off his beard after six months. Few days back, Ranbir Kapoor reported feeling itchy for his beard. He had grown up the beard for the film ‘Rocket Singh’. Now the shooting completed and he immediately shaved it off.

He planned to shave earlier but due to the delay in shooting, he couldn’t get rid of it. Due to his dense beard, couple of times, Ranbir was unidentified in crowds. Ranbir was uncomfortable with the beard and now that he had shaved it off, he is feeling relax. He could not use false beard because director Shimit Amin wanted him to have real beard.

Hours after the film concluded,  Ranbir shaved off. Then he reported on the set of ‘Wake Up Sid’ to shoot a promotional music video.

Ranbir will resume shooting of Prakash Jha’s ‘Rajneeti’ next month.