Ranbir Kapoor refuses Mani Ratnam

With two back to back hit, Ranbir Kapoor is choosing his film too cautiously. Previously he said no to Zoya Akhtar and now he had turned down an offer from ace director Mani Ratnam. Mani has approached him to play the lead hero for his upcoming project, ‘Azaan’.

Mani Ratnam was quite impressed with Ranbir’s acting caliber and looking at his talent, he approached him but much to his surprise Ranbir refused him. Many top notch actors wish to play the lead but Mani Ratnam wanted Ranbir only. When he narrated the script to Ranbir, he politely said no as the script did not impress him.

Confirming the news, a source said, “Mani obviously was left disappointed as he wanted a young hero for the film. He has very few choices at his disposal. He feels that the only actors who can play the character are Ranbir, Shahid or Imran. With Ranbir refusing, he will now turn to Shahid or Imran.”