Ranbir Kapoor is like my younger brother, Sanjay Dutt

Recently, Sanjay Dutt featured on a TV show, says he is supporting Mumbai Indians team in the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL). "I am a Mumbai boy, so I am supporting Mumbai Indians," added Sanjay outside the studio at the Film City in Mumbai. Sanjay appeared on the show in his unique Game Master avatar that he has donned for the new Pepsi advertisement. "Fantastic experience to be right here in the studio. I do follow a lot of cricket not only now, ever since I was small. I love cricket. Today, I didn't get to talk much about cricket, but if god wishes I would be sitting there as a guest and talking about cricket." Sanjay Dutt said.

Sanjay is working with Ranbir Kapoor in Pepsi's new interactive ad 'The Game' and says he enjoys working with kid actor. "I didn't shoot much with Ranbir. Only two shots have been finished. Ranbir is like my younger brother. I loved to see him on the set with me. I have seen him growing and today I am working with him. It's fantastic," Sanjay added who maintains a good rapport with the Kapoor’s.

Sanjay said "Our families are close to each other since Rajji (Raj Kapoor). My mother had worked in RK Films for many, many years... for so many films. So the bonding in family came right from there and it has continued for so many generations now."

"I am following the no salt and no carbohydrate diet. I want to get back in shape now." replied Sanjay on his secret behind weight loss.