Ranbir Kapoor denies splitting with Deepika

Industry is buzz with the rumor that Ranbir Kapoor has broken up with his girlfriend Deepika Padukone but Ranbir prefers to keep it personal. Ranbir never made a hue and cry when he was entangled with Deepika Padukone and now when the media has been reporting about his break-up with Deepika, he ignored the matter. He claimed that he never said that he has broken up or now wanted Deepika back.

He added that he never speaks about his personal relationship in public and today also he wanted to keep mum. Deepika has won the Cosmo award for Sexiest Female Actor of 2009 and her beau feels that Deepika deserves the award because she is extremely sexy and a great actress.

Ranbir said that rather than his personal life he wanted his professional life to speak more. He is happy with two back to back hit.

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