Ranbir is an extremely important part of my life, Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor are couple. This is known to the entire world and their Ibiza picture almost confirmed the speculation but still media and the fans are eager to hear the beautiful truth from Katrina and Ranbir. But unfortunately, the duo is not ready to divulge their relationship status and still maintaining a good friend and extremely special tag. Kat has now been all round for her ‘Dhoom 3’ promotion and media got a good opportunity to dig the truth from her but Katrina as usual poses tricky in her reply. When she was asked whether Ranbir Kapoor is an important part of her life? she asset, “Yes, of course! Ranbir is an extremely important part of my life but beyond that I can’t say anything more."

When she was asked to comment on Ranbir’s statement about Katrina being an important part of his life. Very aggressively she replied, "I really hope that’s true. I think that friendship, support and being there for each other in life is extremely, extremely important and if I was ever in need, I really hope that he (Ranbir) would be there for me and that will be a great thing because being selfless in life is important."

When media grilled her and asked the diva, Is she is in love? Kat said, “I won’t answer that as it will add fodder to more speculation. It’s a something that people in my life and the person in my life or the people I am hanging out to know. And hopefully they do, or it’s a sad state (laughs). Do they know if I love them? Yes. Do I feel the need to say if I am in love in print? No. I don’t want to say I am in love”.

Katrina believes in selfless love, “I believe selfless love is an idealistic concept. I feel people should find a balance between the good and bad times and what you need and what you can give. Relationships and everything in love and life is give and take. You can’t always expect if you are not giving anything but the foundation or the base is very important. You should have a firm base on which your love is based. Your support and priorities should be very clear, correct and precise”, she quips.

Katrina wished to get married and have children, “Yes I think so. When I see my sister’s children I feel like having children… eventually… Not thought about how many”.