Ranbir bumps into ex-flame Deepika

At the screening of ‘Delhi Belly’, many stars were invited and among them were ex-lovers, Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone. Ranbir arrived with filmmaker Karan Johar while Deepika came to watch the film with father Prakash Padukone and sister Anisha.

When Ranbir notice Deepika, instead of taking his eyes away from her, he greeted her warmly. An eye witness reveal,"But Ranbir was very graceful and he spoke very warmly with her". Added the source, “Deepika had flown down from London where she was shooting for Homi Adajania`s Cocktail with Saif Ali Khan. She had told Imran that she wanted to see the film. She had got a couple of days off, so she came."

At first Ranbir thought that his rival Imran Khan’s movie will not be liked by the celebrity guests but after the screening was over, the reaction was just opposite. Everyone liked the movie and praised Imran.  On looking at the positive reaction of the guests, Ranbir’s expression needs to be watched. He was shocked and could not handle the competition.

"So much so that some people present were even sniggering among themselves that suddenly, Ranbir wasn't able to handle the competition," informs a source.