Ramgopal’s shelved SRK-Kareena project ‘Time Machine’ revived with the Bachchans

Ramgopal Varma is known to make several impulsive decisions, he has made several remakes of his own films and he has also recently made his version of the all time classic Sholay. The legal wrangles surrounding Varma’s Sholay seem to be clearing, now he has also moved on to his sequel Sarkar 2 with Amitabh, Abhishek and Aishwarya. According to sources now Varma has decided to once again cast the Bachchans, Amitabh, Abhi and Ash in his earlier shelved project Time Machine. Varma was earlier supposed to do the film with Shahrukh and Kareena but later shelved the project claiming that SRK’s image and his school of cinema did not gel well together.
Well now Varma has decided to revive his Time machine and it seems Amitabh and Abhishek will replace Shahrukh while Ash will replace Kareena. Varma is excited to be able to make another film with the Bachchans and he narrated the script to Abhi while filming Sarkar 2. Abhishek was excited with the script and immediately agreed to be part of the film. And Amitabh has already worked with Varma on several of his films. The film is said to be a science –fiction film. So while SRK has been donning all of Amitabh’s roles in his remakes, Amitabh too has now decided to don a role earlier offered to SRK. So is this one more brick in the SRK-Amitabh war. Also is Ramu playing up with the Bachchans in their war against SRK? Earlier Ramu had given an extremely feeble reason for shelving Time-Machine with SRK, he claimed “The kind of cinema I make is incompatible with Shahrukh’s image. And the film I planned is completely opposite of the image he has amongst his fans. I would be a total mismatch with Shahrukh.”

However it seems SRK will not be left behind in the rat race and is currently in talks for producing his own sci-fi film. Apparently Shahrukh is in talks with south director of super hit film Sivaji to direct his sci-fi film which Shahrukh may even produce. So it seems SRK has decided that no matter what it takes he will do his own sci-fi film.