Ram mad about Sunny in ‘Kuch Kuch Locha Hai’

Devang Dholakia-directed comedy film ‘Kuch Kuch Locha Hai’ is grabbing eye balls not only because of Sunny Leone, but also because of her unusual pairing with actor Ram Kapoor. The TV actor, who is a perfect family guy on the small screen, is seen striving for screen scorcher like Sunny in this movie.

Sunny plays the role of Shanaya, a sensational Bollywood starlet, that she is, while Ram plays a middle-aged Gujarati businessman. In the movie, Shanaya is offered the role of a Gujarati girl and therefore, she meets a Gujarati family to learn the nuances. That is when the twisted love-story begins.

Ram’s character goes all out to please Shanaya. He is obsessed with the starlet and makes every effort to take her on a romantic date. He is efforts are finally paid off after he wins a Valentine Day contest.

According to Ram, he accepted the role because he could easily relate to it. “I grew up with these fantasies about actresses. I could easily relate to a man of my size fantasize about a glamorous actress. This is the USP of the film,” he said. Sunny too enjoyed working for the film saying she loved comedies. “It’s much easier for me to handle this light-hearted family entertainer as compared to my other films.she added.  

‘Kuch Kuch Locha Hai’ has, however, been given an ‘A’ certificate by the censor board which observed it as a sex-comedy. The decision has disappointed Ram who said he would not have done the movie if it was not a family film. He admitted that the promos and songs were glamorous, but denied any adult content in the film. He said an 'A' certificate hampers a film's earning as the cannot be telecast on TV.

The film also casts debutant Navdeep Chabra as Ram’s son, and Evelyn Sharma who plays Navdeep’s girlfriend.