Ram Gopal Varma gets threat calls

Around the release of his Gangster themed movie ‘Satya 2’, the director of the movie, Ram Gopal Varma has got several threat calls from the underworld.

Post the threat calls, the security arrangements for the director have been installed both at his residence and his office. A spokesperson from Varma’s office confirmed the news and said, “He is at the additional commissioner's office in Bandra presently. The security arrangements have been tightened at his house as well as office.”

Ram Gopal Varma twitted about the incident. He wrote, “On basis of an intercepted conversation, Mumbai police gave me security for various reasons, I can't divulge the contents of the threat.”

However, he did not make it clear whether the threat was related to his upcoming gangster movie. The director wrote, “For some important reasons, I cannot comment on whether or not this threat to me is related to the content of 'Satya 2'.”

According to reports Ram Gopal’s upcoming movie ‘Satya 2’ contains few sentences which might have irked the underworld and so they are pressurizing the director to remove these lines. The lines like “Dawood Ibrahim has retired” and “Chhota Rajan has become inactive” might be the reason for the threat calls.

A source said, “Incidentally, the filmmaker has apparently decided to stay away from its promotional blitzkrieg. According to sources one of his reasons to go off the media’s radar could be because of recent threat calls to him and his colleagues at work from unidentified sources, over the past 10 days. The callers want Ramu to remove these ‘offensive’ sentences from his film.”

Sandeep Gangatkar, CEO of RGV’s production banner and co-producer of the movie said, “Yes, this has been happening but we don’t want to talk about it in the public domain right now. RGV has a lot of friends in the police force and I am sure he is doing the needful.”

‘Satya 2’ was earlier scheduled for release on 25th October. However, due to some problem with one of the producers, the release date has been postponed to 8th November. Ram Gopal Varma said, “Arun Sharma is the owner of LR Active OIL. They are one of the partners in 'Satya 2'. We were told not to associate with him.”

He further said, “I cannot divulge any more details. But we are postponing the release from October 25 to November 8.” 

He also twitted, “After disassociating with all L.R. Active Arun Sharma related issues, 'Satya 2' will now release Nov 8, instead of October 25th.”