Rakhi Sawant takes a dig at Sofia Hayat for exposing

This time Rakhi Sawant took a jibe at Sofia Hayat, who recently claimed to have turned nun. Despite turning mother Sofia, the ex-Bigg Boss contestant shared dare-bare pictures of her and shocked one and all. Rakhi who is known for her sarcastic comment slammed Hayat for exposing despite claiming a num.

Rakhi Sawant posted a sarcastic comment saying: "What happened to u dear Sofia u r not mother anymore"

Sofia Hayat's bizarre response, "@rakhisawant151 yes still mother.. cosmic Mother is everything.. i have to be everything"

In the recently released bizarre video, ex-Bigg Boss contestant turned nun Sofia Hayat sheds her clothes and shows cleavage in bra.

Sharing the video on her Instagram account, she is seen flaunting her toned body. She wrote," NAMASTE. I AM GAIA SOFIA... you think you know who I am. Here is the truth..."

Also, recently she shared a picture on social media where she was seen dressed in a revealing dress. She captioned," First time wearing makeup. Going to celebrate Quantum living, the amazing movie release Six-X which has had amazing reviews and to celebrate my fathers soul. Blessings!!."

Sofia is doing everything to grab eyeballs. She is all out to promote her upcoming Bollywood movie ‘Six-X’ where is dressed up as a diva. She also shared one of the posters of the movie on Instagram and wrote," My movie poster for my film Six-X Release date. 23rd September!! So excited to be part of this amazing project!"

To everyone’s surprise, one day Sopia Hayat announced that she has turned nun. She started to call her ‘Mother Sofia’ after turning nun. She shared many pictures in nun avatar. Her bio on her Instagram handle reads "I am mother of all. The earth was created when I spoke the word. Om. I have awoken to spread the truth. I am the the living truth. She has recently got a number of tattoos made, including an "Om" on her forehead.

She also claimed to have given birth to Lord Shiva.

But her recent Instagram posts suggest the sexy model is back to her bare-dare avatar.