Rakhi replaces Tanushree for item number

Rakhi SawantRecently there was a huge fracas on the sets of the film Horn Ok Pleassss with actress Tanushree Dutta refusing to shoot for an item number due to various reasons. Now the producer and director of the film have replaced Tanushree with popular item girl Rakhi Sawant for the item song in the film.  

Item girl Rakhi Sawant has replaced actress Tanushree Dutta for an item song in the film Horn Ok Pleassss. There seems to be different stories circulating as to the real reason that Tanushree Dutta refused to continue shooting the item song. Tanushree first supposedly didn't want to do rehearsals for the song and wanted to go ahead with the final shots. Later the actress claimed that she was uncomfortable with all the junior artists getting too close to her. Tanushree has also made accusations against veteran actor Nana Patekar trying to get too close to her and trying to teach her the dance steps. The actress was apparently also not comfortable with her outfit and the bold dance steps in the item song. Tanushree claims that she asked dance choreographer Ganesh Acharya to change the steps as she was uncomfortable with them, but he refused. That's when she supposedly locked herself in her vanity van for around two hours and refused to shoot any further.  

However the dance choreographer, director and producer all have a different story to tell. They claim that Tanushree was extremely unprofessional and kept making baseless allegations at everyone including senior actor Nana Patekar. Finally after Tanushree decided not to continue shooting for the item song, the director and producer decided to replace her with Rakhi Sawant. Rakhi was more than happy to do the item song and step into Tanushree's shoes. However the fracas went further, when outside the studio, Tanushree' s car was blocked by media personnel. The media had surrounded the car and this apparently angered her bodyguard who roughed up some of the media people. This led to the media people getting violent and in turn they damaged Tanushree's car to a grave extent. Tanushree has now filed an FIR with the police and she has also made a complaint against the producers with Cine and Television Artists Association demanding compensation for damage to property and her reputation.  

Apparently the producers in turn are also claiming that they will sue Tanushree for the losses they incurred due to her unprofessional behaviour. Sources claim that the political party MNS which Nana Patekar supports also got involved in the fracas later. Apparently the Cine Artists Association claims that even Rakhi Sawant can get into problems as she did not bother acquiring an NOC (No Objection Certificate) from Tanushree before she agreed to do the item number.