Rakhi Sawant had a diamond tooth

Rakhi Sawant always hit the headlines for her bizarre movement. She underwent box treatment to enhance her looks, increases the size of her boobs with silicon implant, and removes silicon implant when she finds she wants smaller size. Now the drama queen had gone a step forward by getting a diamond tooth.  

She reveals details about her latest cosmetic addition. “I love diamonds and jewellery. The tooth that I have had made is of real diamonds and it is placed in my left jaw. It was my desire to have one and now I have got it,” says Rakhi excitedly.

When asked why she does not prefer Indian jewels and outfits, the actress replies, “I do not wear a nose ring and all these kind of things because they spoil my makeup. I just wear things according to my glam look.”

Well, Rakhi Sawant knows how to remain in the news.