Rakhi, Elesh break into tussle

Everything was going fine between Rakhi Sawant and Elesh Parujanwala until one day Rakhi became adamant to go out for work instead of Elesh. Rakhi clarified Elesh that she will go to work and he should stay at home and take care of the baby Sia. At first Elesh was bit upset with Rakhi’s suggestion and they ended up with fight but later agreed to stay back and do all the household chores.

While Rakhi went to work in the housekeeping department where she learnt the art of folding towels in different styles and also cleaned the windows, Elesh took the best care of the baby. He and Sia bonded very well. He gave her birth, feed her, dressed her up very well and took her to the play school.

On returning home, tired Rakhi became red hot at Sia’s indifference and complained that as she stayed away from home the whole day, Sia was not gelling with her like before.

What will be the end of Rakhi and Elesh’s fighting, will Sia be able to mix up with Rakhi again. All this and many more interesting incidents are coming up in the upcoming episodes. So do not forget to tune in Pati, Patni Aur Woh tonight at 10.30 pm on NDTV Imagine.