Rakesh denies trouble in Hrithik-Suzanne's paradise

Post Hrithik and Suzanne’s reports of differences, for the first time Rakesh Roshan come open to the media to clarify disparity between his son and daughter-in-law over ‘Kites’ co-star Barbara Mori. He vehemently denied having any sort of marital problems between Hrithik and Suzanne. He justified their staying away from Roshan’s abode for pesticide treatment which was going on for quite sometime. Rakesh Roshan even denied any rift between him and his son on the editing table and said that they are very much together and the rumors hardly carry any truth.

Rakesh, who is amazed at the gossip, said, “These are baseless rumors. Our audience, friends and fans know Hrithik and I are inseparable. Our family will always live under one roof. Nothing can change that. I laugh at such juvenile attempts to make mischief in our lives.”

Commenting on Hrithik and Sussane coming back home, Rakesh said, “The problem of termites lasted just a few days. As the ceiling had to be changed completely, we decided that their entire room should be renovated. Then a lot of carpentry work began. Now my son and daughter-in-law are dividing their time between the hotel and home, depending on when and how the renovation work goes on in their bedroom. With Hrithik and Sussane back home, the matter ends there.”

Hope papa Rakesh Roshan's clarification ends up the matter.