Rajinjkanth will not attend Modi’s swearing-in ceremony

When they met few months ago it was big news. The meeting between Narendra Modi and Tamil superstar Rajinikanth captured headlines and was a big talking point on social networking sites. But looks like their next meeting will not be taking place anytime soon. Rajinikanth was invited to attend the swearing-in ceremony of Modi as Prime Minister. But sources close to the superstar have revealed that most likely Rajinikanth will give the function a miss. The sources claim that the actor is out of town and busy with his work and thus will not be able to attend the anticipated event, held at Rashtrapati Bhaban. But there are some contrary reports as well.

During the early phase of his election campaign, Narendra Modi made time and visited Rajini at his residence. Therefore it was likely that the Tamil superstar will attend the swearing-in if Modi became PM. But a hardliner student outfit staged a protest outside Rajinikanth’s house Sunday night demanding that the actor skip the event. Their main point of objection was the presence of Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapaksa during the swearing-in ceremony. Not just fringe groups, but all the major political parties of Tamil Nadu, the ruling party AIADMK, the main opposition DMK and others, have protested against the invitation of the Sri Lankan president.

The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Miss Jayalaitha will also skip the event despite sharing a cordial relation with Mr. Narendra Modi.  Rajinikanth is a Tamil cultural icon and thus he will not go against any popular sentiment. Ties with Sri Lanka have always been a tricky matter for the Indian government. Being a neighboring country, Sri Lanka cannot be ignored completely. But Sri Lanka has a dark history of violence against Tamil people on its soil. There is also the long history of bloodshed by the Tamil terror group LTTE, including killing of former Indian PM Rajiv Gandhi.

Many in India are against close ties with Sri Lanka. It will be interesting to see how the new PM handles the delicate issue. As per latest reports, Mahinda Rajapaksa has already arrived in India for the grand event. Leaders of all SAARC nations have been invited for the swearing-in ceremony of Narendra Modi who has clearly stated that he is in favor of friendly relations with neighboring countries that benefit both countries. Nawaz Shariff, prime minister of India’s most volatile neighbor, Pakistan will also be present for this function which takes place on Monday evening.