Rajinikanth’s ‘Kochadaiiyaan’ similar to ‘Sultan The Warrior’?

Rajinikanth’s latest animated flick ‘Kochadaiiyaan’ seems similar to his last animated film ‘Sultan The Warrior’.

Well, ‘Kochadaiiyaan’ has just come up with its teaser a few days back and looking at the teaser, it was noticed that it bore resemblance to one of his movies which never saw the day of light due to financial issues in 2007.

Soundarya R Ashwin, younger daughter of the superstar Rajinikanth always had an idea of immortalizing his father by creating animated flicks of the superstar. With this idea, she went on to make her first animated movie with Rajinikanth in 2007. The movie was called ‘Sultan The Warrior’. The movie was a joint venture between Soundarya’s Ocher Studios and Warner. The trailer of ‘Sultan The Warrior’ was much liked by the fans. But due to some financial issue, the movie remained in the production for many months. After that it was shelved.

Then Soundarya announced her second animated flick ‘Rana’. The movie was on similar lines. On the mahurat of ‘Rana’, Rajinikanth fell critically ill and hence the movie could never take off. After a silence of a few years, Soundarya is again upbeat to make an animated movie ‘Kochadaiiyaan’.

When the experts compared the trailer of ‘Kochadaiiyaan’ and ‘Sultan The Warrior’, they found stark similarities. The sword used in the former movie is similar to that of latter. The lead character of Rajinikanth also looks similar with similar get up. Even the palace shown in the teaser of ‘Kochadaiiyaan’ bears resemblance to the palace shown in ‘Sultan The Warrior’.

Though the teaser of the latest flick drew over 4 lakhs views in a day, viewers however, are little disappointed with the teaser of ‘Kochadaiiyaan’. They feel that the graphics of the movie is kiddish and apt for a videogame which might have released a decade back. Shakthi Rajappa commented, “I am a die-hard Rajini fan. But this likes the visuals were ‘captured’ from the video game Assassins Creed. I know that 125 crore is a low budget to make a Hollywood style animation movie, but still I did not expect these low-end graphics. I am heartbroken. The filmmakers fooled us for two years.”

About online promotions, social media analyst Shankar said, “It is still in a nascent stage in Tamil films and only big names like Rajinikanth are able to pull in the numbers that can make producers sign a cheque for vigorous paid online promotions.”