Rajinikanth to star in 'Kolaveri D' music video

‘Kolaveri D’ which has become a rage among youngsters and which has taken the web by storm will have a special touch to the music video. The song which is sung by Rajinikanth’s son-in-law Dhanush will have Rajinikanth in the video as a special appearance.

A source said, "Rajinikanth has loved Kolaveri and is clearly very happy and proud of the recognition the song is receiving.

Now Aishwarya and Dhanush have requested him to do a special appearance in the film and most likely he will be doing it."

Interestingly, the Tamil superstar had a great laugh when he heard that the lyrics of the song doesn't make any sense.

Singer/actor Dhanush said, "The language in Kolaveri is like no other song, and it has somehow become the USP. We are shooting three different videos for the song, some time in December.

We`re looking at videos that capture the mood of the song right now."

When he was asked if Rajini would be a part of the video, the actor said, "We`d only love it if he`s part of everything we do."

Meanwhile, Rajini is resting in Chennai and happy that his daughter Aishwarya’s directional debut has received overwhelming response before the film hit the theatre.