Rajinikanth- a name worth billions

RajinikanthIn the ancient days of kingly splendor; if monarchy conceptualized God’s march on earth, then similar is true of Rajni’s reign on the Southern filmdom. Amid the southern firmament of cine stars, Rajinikant is perhaps the one and only polestar. Having born on 12thof December three years after the country’s independence, Rajni was originally named Shivaji Rao Gaikwad.

With his roots in Karnataka, Rajini had his initial grooming in Bangalore- the birth place of the Southern mega star. Struck by misfortune, Rajini was barely five when he lost his mother- Jijabai. Struggling all the way to adulthood, Rajni was led   on by twists and pulls of destiny. Prior to joining the state’s transport service, Rajni involved himself in odd jobs or two to earn his bread. The period ranging from 1966 to 73 saw the southern supreme’s involvement with theater.

1973 proved to be a leading milestone in the life of the Sothern maestro. Egged on by friend and mentor Raj Bahadur, Rajnikanth joined the film institute of Madras. Receiving financial backup from the former Rajni was groomed into the subtle nuances of acting. In two years time in 1975, Rajni had his proverbial tryst with destiny, when the supreme star to glitter the horizon began his journey through celluloid. “Apoorva Raagangal” directed of K Balachander happened to be his debut film. What followed was history as the film earned for itself as well as its debutante star phenomenal acclaim.  Following his debut film which was made in Tamil, Rajnikant was featured in a Kannad flick. Success followed the southern entertainer as he made his way through a series of flicks including the ones made in Telegu.

Having been casted negatively in movies such as ‘Avargal’, ‘Chilakamma Cheppindi’ & ‘Vayadhinile’; Rajni had a positive delineation in S.P Muthuraman’s “Bhuvana Oru Kelvikkuri”. The phase leading up to 80ties saw the maestro go through a diverse array of characterization. With his successful foray into the three regions of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh, Rajni was also ushered into the domain of Kerala by means of the Malyalam flick ‘Alauddinum Albhutha Vilakkum’.

The exclusive domain of B Town also came under the influence of the Southern superstar when he was cast along with Big B & the dream girl Hema Malini for the commercial entertainer ‘Andha Kanoon’. One of the most prolific commercial entertainers, Rajni has always been known for his sweeping hold on the box- office profit.