Rajesh Khanna enters Bigg Boss 3

Veteran actor Rajesh Khanna is going to make his grand entry on the show, Bigg Boss 3. Actually, he was approached at the beginning of the show but at that time he denied. He wanted the channel to allow him to drink inside the house but as it is against the rule, he was not included and now he has agreed to take part on the show considering the popularity of the show. He thinks that the friction, tension and drama on the show are far more intoxicating than the drinks.

“We’ve opened up negotiations with Mr Khanna and he has agreed to be on the show. We will be introducing him in the show as a wildcard entry in the next two weeks,” quips the source.

He was approached after Kamal Rashid Khan was expelled from the show following his rude behavior. Rumor buzzed that he is the highest paid contestant as he is yesteryears superstar. While it also could be heard that his son-in-law Akshay Kumar is miffed with Rajesh Khanna’s decision as Akshay doesn’t want Khanna to be open to the public.