Raj to gift Shilpa a Lamborghini

Shilpa Shetty has a great obsession for sports car. Speed and driving on fast lane is her third love after Raj and films. She is lucky enough to get boyfriend like Raj Kundra who not only understands her but also cares for her likings and disliking. Knowing Shilpa’s love for sports car, Raj has decided to gift her Lamborghini, a super-luxurious sexy sports car.

Kundra said, "I had a Lamborghini in London and Shilpa used to drive that car a lot. Among all luxury cars, Lamborghini is her favorite. She loves fast cars and fast drives."

Raj too has a great passion for cars and he too likes sports car. It is his second passion after Shilpa. About gifting Shilpa a Lamborghini, he said, “She is so fond of this car that I have to buy one in India for her."

Currently Shilpa and Raj are having a gala time at the IPL. Both are cheering for their team and are seen in upbeat mood. On asking about their marriage plans, Raj sounds diplomatic here, he said that both are busy with their work and they have no plans to get married now.