Raj throws surprise party for Shilpa

Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty celebrated her 34th birthday yesterday and making the day special for her was her boyfriend Raj Kundra. Raj threw a surprise birthday party for Shilpa and present on the occasion was her sister Shamita Shetty who flew all the way from India to be with Shilpa on her special day.

Says a family friend, "Shamita and Raj have been planning the bash for a month. Nobody in Mumbai was allowed to talk to Shilpa as they did not want the secret to be out. In fact, Shilpa didn't even know that Shamita had flown in to London on Sunday  to celebrate her birthday. When Shilpa saw her sis, she squealed in delight!"

The party was thrown at a swanky hotel in London. It is Shilpa’s favorite place due to the magnificent view of London and the food. The evening was made romantic with the performance of Escala and the British pop girl band Sugababes. The guest includes Shilpa and Raj’s close friends and family. A huge chocolate cake was cut and a champagne bottle was popped by the couple to mark the occasion.

Shilpa’s family gifted her diamond jewelry.