Ra.One animator Charu Khandal's condition critical

'Ra.One’ animator Charu Khandal who underwent surgery at Kokilaben Ambani hospital is said to be critical. Charu Khandal met with an accident after her auto rickshaw rammed to a four wheeler which had a drunk driver on the wheels. 28 year old Charu suffered multiple fractures in her leg and spine. The operation was conducted to remove blockage in her neck.  

Manoj Gautam, who was behind the wheels was arrested for rash driving but soon released on bail.

Depressed Charu’s father said, "Iam not sure whether my daughter will survive. All I wanted to say is that I am not happy that the driver has been given bail".

 "I am sure about the driver that he was drunk," said eyewitness Abhishek Deyy.

Concurs Charu's sister, "After this decision anybody can drink and drive and then pay Rs 5000 to get out of the situation," she told NDTV.

"Charu's condition is very critical...she has broken her survical bone. The doctors are waiting for a couple of days to let her be stable, to be able to operate her. She's a strong girl. And we're hopeful," says Charu's fiance Sagar Thakkar, who looked visibly upset.

Molly Singh, Charu's friend is sure that her friend will recover soon. "She's very strong, after her accident she called her fiance and told him about the whole incident. I am very impressed by the way she is going about it. She told me that we will party very soon. I am sure she'll rock," she said.

Espa Lepcha, another friend of Charu feels something is wrong with the investigation, "I will definitely go to the police. Today when we went to the station, they said blood report is not with them. Somewhere or the other some big fish is playing all the game," she said.

The accident took place on Sunday around 1 am, when the 28-year-old victim was returning home in the auto with her sister Ritu and friend Vikrant Goyal.

After the incident, Shahrukh Khan visited Charu in hospital.